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First I would like to give thanks to God for my life, and the two people he place me with that helped me with my gift of music. Leroy Booker and Lillian Smith my mom and dad. My dad was from Rolling Fork Mississippi, and my mom is from Sunflower Mssissippi., where some of the greatest  Blues player cam from. When my mom took me from Mississippi at the age of 12 years old , for years I longed to go back to a place and time that was simpler. This Cd is about my life story in the blues and my Spiritual grow. "Blues Of My Soul" is my background in Mississippi and my early years in South Florida, "That's My Man" "Lost Love" this is when I thought I was in love , and my time spent singing with a big band in New York City; I wrote these songs when I was about 25 years old. 'Turning Me On" " ,No Good Ugly Man," and "Freakish Blues" is all about just having some good loving. "Never Make Again" and "Where to Now," is about when it was over and time to get the hell out." Lied to Me", "Hurt Me So Bad" and "Through With You", is all about being deceived,, dogged out, used and abused in every way. Shuffling, is about giving it all up going back to a simple time and a simple place leaving the hurt and pain and just go fishing.


Is when I found out that it is all about God and why I am here. Life is a school all I have bean through made me who I am today I am a "Power House For God" because God is in me. "Love Song to God" is not about a man out there but the God in me." God Got My Back" no matter what, I take time and" Be Still and Know" God is with me. I " Show God Spirit" to everyone I meet.

"Pickin" & Grinin 

Sheba the Mississippi Queen                                  


Singing’ the Blues’

Amateurs and Celebrities Share the Stage at Florida Blues Society’s Monthly Jam



  Seated next to Richardson at a table near the side of the stage was Sheba the Mississippi Queen. While originally from Mississippi. Sheba made a name and career for her herself in Miami before moving recently to Ocala. Among the goals of the Blues society, Richardson said, is to make Gainesville audiences aware of prominent local musicians as well as bring non-local acts to Gainesville. “Our goal is to attract musicians north from Ocala. West from Jacksonville and south from Tallahassee” he said.

  Sheba was scheduled to perform at 9: oo slot to play through a couple of songs alone which puzzled some in the audience. But the moment she stepped up, the reason for her delay became clear: She’s been watching them. Once onstage, she interacted with the instrumentalists as if she had been playing with them for months prodding one then another into sola she belted out her songs.

   Mean while, another luminary of the blue world slipped onto the stage unannounced, Mike Markowitz, a.k.a  Little Mike, has played with some of the biggest legends in the blues, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Cray and  Pinetop Perkins, Richardson said he lives in the area and is a regular participant in the monthly jams. Little Mike seated himself at the keyboard and began to play in tight harmony with the rest of the ensemble as Sheba continued to dominate the spectators; attention. The combination of raw vocal power and consummate professionalism was impressive, and as the set ended, Sheba stepped offstage to a standing ovation.                (OUR TOWN GAINESVILLE FLORIDA AUTUMN 2013)

Sunflower Soul 


  Sheba and The Rhythm Kings went all over, from the Florida Keys ,all the way back to Mississippi where she did a live radio performance singing Billie Holiday's famous song Strange Fruit. Shortly after Sheba produced the Miss Good -n-Plenty CD, it receives some airtime on DMX BLUES STATION. There has always been growth in pain for her after five successful years it was the end of Sheba and The Rhythm Kings. Sheba survived it picked up her tracks and started doing a singles at parties, clubs, and hotels.

  After the breakup with The Rhythm Kings she tried other bands, True Blue Band, where she pickup some new songs that on her new CD.  Sheba has taken control of her life, and music and doing her own things, she is in charge, and it showed in her new CD, Butter on My Rolls.

  Some fascinated fan once told her you must sing and keep on singing so that people can see the living miracle of god in your voice.

I have paid the price to sing the blues.

Sunflower soul.

  Weinberg Bob (City Link Music) “Sheba, also known as, Sheba the Mississippi Queen, and her band  The Soul Kings are a double barrel of musical entertainment. The band takes the stage with years of musical experience. They get the crowd ready for some fun and dancing. When Sheba takes the stage, she commands and wins the hearts of men and women alike.

When you hear Sheba’s voice, you hear the influences of Billy Holiday, Etta James, Tina Turner, Aretha, and Big Mama Thornton. She can go from Good Morning Heartache to Tell Mama, Proud Mary, Respect or a little Hound Dog.

The music off her CD, “Butter on My Rolls,” takes you back to the times of sawdust on the floor, where you bump and grind all night long. Drawing from her life experience from hurt and pain, she wrote all the songs on the CD. If you like it fast and hot she will hit you with Dance Jump and Shout, Hey Girlfriend, or Ms Good-n-Plenty. If you like it nice and slow, she can do some Good Good Loving and Big Man. When the night is over, you will know that you have been entertained by one of the best that Florida and Mississippi has to offer.”

Over Troubled Water 

By Robin Foster Queen Sheba

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Sheba, the Mississippi Queen of Blues. I met

Sheba through my friend and colleague, Antoinette Harrell. We recently introduced Sheba on About

Peonage. See Mississippi Blues Queen and Her Escape From the Delta. Her mother was a sharecropper in

Sunflower, Mississippi, and Sheba grew up in poverty under very harsh conditions. In 1965, her mother

left her children in Mississippi because she got tired of working all year for the "boss man" and owing him

at the end of the year. After nine months, Sheba's mother came back and moved her children to Florida,

"another devil's den," according to Sheba.

Stay tuned to About Peonage as her story unfolds, but I am pleased to announce that last night Sheba

called me to find out how she could contribute to this blog. I was quite surprised to find out that she had

been following all the recent posts. She will be revealing specific destructive patterns we developed during

slavery and the oppression of the Jim Crow area. Many of her insights will have to do with relationships

and why it is we as a people have such great difficulty bonding. I look forward to learning from Sheba. She

is a very wise and courageous woman who says it is time for her to give back. Please visit CD Baby and

check out "Butter on My Roll," and you will see why we call her the Queen. Her music tells her story. To

me, Sheba has become a sister, a living piece of my own Mississippi ancestors caught in the same

struggles common to many African Americans in the Delta generations after slavery ended. Read more:

Introducing Sheba, Queen of the Mississippi Blues | Over Troubled Water Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives

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